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changing lives through learning


Level 2 Student:

“If you are keen to be more in touch with yourself, to develop helping relationships and to improve how you deal generally with people in your life then I would say the Level 2 Counselling Skills course is for you. The tutors, Ray and Deborah, facilitate safe, structured lessons which encourage openness and acceptance and the opportunity to honestly share and explore varied experiences, alongside practising and developing basic listening skills.

I quickly got hooked on this personal journey and valued the tutors encouragement and feedback and regard for developing at my own pace. I always felt that they were there if I needed support. I think the challenge of this course lay in being responsible for my own learning in a way I had not experienced before and consequently I felt the more I put into it, the more I got out of it. It has taught me a lot about myself and others and how we all interact.

I don’t know where all this new-found desire to grow, learn and develop as a person will lead me but I do know it is changing me for the better and that I don’t want it to end. It has been immensely rewarding.”

Level 3 Student:

“Deborah and Ray’s teaching and guidance puts the emphasis on the practice of counselling, weaving that together with theory from Level 3 onwards.

Their constructive feedback and support encourages personal growth and after two years studying with them (so far), I feel confident that I have a firm foundation on which to build.

They invest wholeheartedly in the teaching process and you really get the impression they’re behind their students. We’ve had many laughs in class along the way and I can’t imagine finding better tutors.”

Level 4 Student:

“I’ve just completed the 1st year of the Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at Worthing College. I can honestly say that it has been one of the most amazing, full-on, life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. Through Deb and Ray’s support, teaching and encouragement, and the support of my peers, I have grown immeasurably as a person. I understand who I am better, acknowledge and am more accepting of my strengths and weaknesses, and am more kind and compassionate towards myself, which allows me to show greater empathy towards others.

If you’re looking for a course that will provide incredible experiential learning, a supportive, growth-enhancing environment, prepare you for placement and train you to become an ethical, reflective therapeutic practitioner, this is the one to choose. The challenge to ‘know thyself’ can be taken up with both hands!

This course has been invaluable. It has prepared me for a career in counselling with the emphasis on skills practice as well as a thorough grounding in the main counselling models and theories. At the end of the first year I felt ready to start my training placement knowing I had the tools to be a safe, supportive counsellor.”