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The Big Speakeasy

About the workshop

These morning workshops are focused on counselling skills practice and development, pure and simple. It is an opportunity to extend your knowledge and monitor your own development whilst working with new people. Tutors are on hand to give you feedback on your work.

Who is it for?

These workshops are aimed at all students at all levels of training. It is also aimed at trainees who have had to take time out of their training but do not want to lose the skills they have worked hard to develop. These workshops are also helpful to trainees after long breaks such as the summer holidays as they provide space to re-establish rusty skills.

What will I do on this workshop?

You will work in triads and you will have two practice sessions with the same helpee/client. You will receive feedback from a tutor after one of the sessions and peer feedback after another. You will be working with people at varying levels of training and experience which will enhance your own.

Key facts

Date: Saturday 11th November 2017

Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm

Fees: £30 per workshop

Location: Worthing College

To book or find out more email your enquiry and details to or telephone 07905 414 336 or 07846 601 228.